Handling Job Interviews After Rehab
Nov 2013

A common topic of interest for those who have recently finished rehab is found in the concern regarding what they will do if they apply for a job and get chosen for an interview within the future. Many individuals who have been through rehab wonder if they’re supposed to disclose to their potential employer that they have completed a rehab program recently. This is particularly a concern if the reason that they left or lost their previous job was due to the fact that they had to take time off to go to rehab for their addiction. When potential employers ask questions about why they left their previous position, it can be a source of anxiety for the recovering addict.

On another level, job interviews can be difficult for the emotional and mental strain that they put on the addicted individual. Someone who goes in for a job interview may be so nervous afterward that it may trigger them to start abusing their substance again. If the individual is particularly hopeful that they will get the job but later discover that they were not chosen, then it can lead to feelings of disappointment and inadequacy. The individual may believe that the only reason that they didn’t get the job is because their potential employer realized that they were dealing with addiction and didn’t want to employ them for that same reason. This isn’t always the case, but it is a common suspicion among those who are trying to recover from addiction.

Those feelings of disappointment or nervousness can lead to abusing substances again, when is why it’s always a level of concern with dealing with a job interview. Although most people would feel that addicts who are pursuing employment deserve some encouragement and support for trying to improve their lives and continue in their strive to become better, those who are addicted don’t see themselves this way. They may lack self esteem or confidence that would help them to feel more positive about the job interview, which means that they may easily become depressed during those moments when prospective employers never get in touch with them again.

As a result, it’s important to handle job interviews with a grain of salt and realize that if the job isn’t a good match, it doesn’t reflect negatively on the individual. Those who are seeking employment need to realize that they are doing their best to improve their lives and themselves. If they don’t get employed by that specific prospective employer, it should be thought of in a more positive sense that there are always more options available and positions that may be more suitable for them otherwise. Although it can be difficult to fight against depression and addiction triggers during this period, it’s important for the addict to remember to surround themselves with positive people and insight in order to stay away from negative influences.


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