Does A Rehab Blog Help Addiction Triggers?
Nov 2013

For those who are seeking help with coping with their addiction, it may be useful to stay updated with a rehab blog on a regular basis. A rehab blog may be able to provide recovering addicts with information about ways that they can resist some of their typical addiction triggers. It may become a source of information and insight when the individual is struggling during their most difficult times, such as moments when they do not have any sober friends they can turn to or times when they may feel too ashamed to approach other people.

There are many people who have questioned whether or not a rehab blog would be able to help addiction triggers. In some instances, this may be a very helpful option. People who are more introverted and have difficulties with being able to open up to other people about their addictions and their triggers may find that they are more comfortable reading about ways to counteract their triggers via information presented in an online blog. The blog may become a trusted resource when the individual feels that they have no one else they can turn to for this information.

This would work particularly well for individuals who need guidance outside of group counseling and AA meetings. For many recovering addicts, it can be difficult to make friends with new people while they are trying to work towards being sober; at the same point, they don’t want to return to the old friends that they had because many of those friends are the exact reason why they were triggered to participate in their addictive behavior. As a result, they may not know who they can turn to when they are dealing with a trigger.

Although a rehab blog can help with addiction triggers and teach recovering addicts different ways that they can deal with the emotions associated with these triggers, it is important to understand that the blog cannot be a replacement for a rehab program, nor can it be a replacement for group counseling or other related support groups. A rehab blog can only help to a certain extent and may not be able to provide the same level of assistance that these aforementioned options would be able to offer. In this regard, it should be viewed as just another tool that can be used to help fight addiction when the struggle is the most apparent.

Ultimately, while a rehab blog can be very helpful in dealing with addiction triggers, it is important to keep in mind that it is a supplement. It should not be used in replacement for treatment or thought of as a form of treatment. However, it can be used to help addicts resist their triggers during some of those initial stages of transitioning to a sober lifestyle. Counselor and other related professionals at rehab centers may be able to refer affected individuals to rehab blogs which may have additional information they can use when they need support at home.


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