Coping with Memory Loss and Rehab
Nov 2013

Although rehab can be difficult enough for individuals who are completely lucid and are young and able-minded, it can be even more difficult for an older individual who is experiencing memory loss. Rehab is a common option for older individuals because they become addicted to alcohol and substances just as much as younger individuals do. In older individuals, it is more common to find that they are addicted to prescription medication, such as pain relievers. They don’t always acknowledge that they have an addiction and many of them do not realize that they are abusing the medication. This is generally due to mental conditions and memory loss.

The older individuals who have memory loss generally are not the ones who have to cope with the issues associated with their addiction. However, those who are responsible for caring for them typically do have to learn how to cope with it. An elderly parent who has memory loss may not always remember that they have taken their medication. As a result, they may take their medication repeatedly and too often. Other times, they realize that they are abusing their medication but they may not remember what they have done during the period of abuse.

Alternatively, memory loss can occur in younger individuals depending on the substances that they have abused and the extent that they have used these substances. It can be difficult for them to remember what they have done while they were abusing substances and they may not even remember certain parts of their life. Sometimes there are treatments that can be done to help them remember. However, other times, the memory may be completely lost and there may not be anything that can be done to reverse the issues.

Regardless of the person’s age, it’s important to understand that they may not always remember what they have said or done. They may not remember abusing substances and may think that they are completely fine. You have to have patients with these individuals because they are dealing with a level of addiction that is more difficult to treat and more difficult to turn away from. When they finally get treatment, they have to stay in treatment and be willing to comply with the information and orders that are given to them in the clinic. This must be done to ensure that they will have a better chance of staying sober.

Another point that is worth recognizing is that there are a lot of issues that need to be handled by professionals. There’s a certain level of memory loss and addiction that only professionals can deal with. Although you may think you may be able to help your loved one, the problem is typically more complex than you may realize. The best option is to just take them to their rehab meetings on a regular basis and be supportive of them. This will help them to learn how to curb their addiction and manage their memory loss, if possible.


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