Apps and Rehab
Oct 2013

For those who are seeking a different approach to rehab, one option may be to consider some of the various rehab apps that are available in the Apple iTunes store and Google Play. These are options that may be ideal for those who are likely to use their smart phones and other smart devices to help them keep updated with their rehab program and their recovery regimen. Some apps are very specific to the center that the individual is attending for treatment, although there are some generalized apps which can be used as well.

To some extent, rehab apps are still in a testing phase. Many people want to see if these apps can be helpful for those who are going through various forms of rehab. It can be useful to try a few out in order to see which option may be the most relevant and helpful for the individual. Not all rehab apps are created equally; some will have more options and merit than others will. For this reason, it’s a good idea to read reviews of apps and even provide suggestions and tips on how they can be improved for other recovering addicts.

There are some apps that are still in development and others that are not yet popular because they haven’t gotten enough attention from the public yet. Just because an app isn’t popular yet, it doesn’t mean that it’s not useful. You may find plenty of rehab apps that have no reviews or may lack instructions.

Rehab apps are not elements that can be used as a replacement for actual rehab treatment. They are not something that can be referred to when you miss a meeting and should not be viewed as a replacement for some of the rehab methods that are typically available. However, they are very helpful and can be viewed as supplements and tools. They can be used in addition to the material that you are receiving while you are in rehab and can be useful when you are seeking a distraction from some of your addiction triggers. Viewing them as a tool will remind you of how they should be used and will ensure that you don’t expect too much from the application itself.

These types of apps typically work better for the younger generation because they rely on smart phones and other devices to help them keep updated with the world around them. However, some older individuals find apps helpful because they can provide audible reminders, such as when they need to go to another rehab meeting or different ways that they can encourage themselves to keep living a sober lifestyle. Everyone’s use for rehab apps tends to vary.

Ultimately, rehab apps can be an ideal way to follow up with what you are learning in your rehab program. It can also be a source of information when your counselor or another professional isn’t available to talk with you personally.


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