Apologizing is the Hardest Rehab Step
Oct 2013

For many people who are involved in rehab, apologizing is considered to be the hardest step towards working towards walking away from their addiction. Although the idea of an apology might seem simple to someone who has never dealt with addiction before in their life, for someone who is an addicted individual, it is not so easy at all. There are a few reasons why apologizing can be difficult for someone who is facing an addiction. The following information provides a general overview which details why apologizing is the hardest step.

Apologizing can be extremely difficult if the individual doesn’t even remember what they have done to affect or hurt the other person who is involved. The fact of the matter is that if the individual was under heavy substance abuse, they may not have been fully aware of what they were doing when it was occurring. As a result, they may not even remember that they have done something that requires an apology. They may not know what they have done. This is commonly seen when substance abusers have been involved with hit-and-run cases and have been so heavily under the influence of substances that later on when they were sober, they didn’t even know what had happened. As a result, it may be awkward to try to apologize for something that they don’t even remember doing.

Having to acknowledge the situation can be a problem. When people are substance abusers, they may not always be willing to acknowledge that they have a problem or that their addiction is inappropriate. They may feel that their behavior is their own business and that they aren’t personally affecting anybody. If they feel that their addiction isn’t a major issue, then they may not feel as if they need to apologize to anyone for what has occurred. They may also feel like the only person who is affected by their addiction is them, so apologizing to another person may seem like a useless point.

For some people, the human reaction of apologizing always feels somewhat awkward. It can be difficult to acknowledge that you have done something wrong, that you have hurt someone, or that you had a perspective that wasn’t correct. The human ego does not like to admit to being wrong and does not like to feel as if it is being judged. However, apology is an essential element. Without apology, it can be difficult to show other people that we care and that we are sorry for our behavior or how we may have treated them. Without apology, it can be difficult to work towards getting acceptance from other people; it can also be hard to develop acceptance of yourself. Therefore, apology is necessary for the healing of everyone involved, whether it’s the affected individual or the person who was responsible for the actions that led to the circumstances requiring the apology.


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