Colleges Offering Drug Rehab Programs
Oct 2013

As statistics reveal that more college students are dealing with addiction and going into rehab, more colleges are starting to offer drug rehab programs to meet their needs. Since it is becoming a more noticeable issue for college students to keep up with their rehab meetings while trying to keep up with their school schedules and academic responsibilities, colleges are trying to acknowledge the problem by creating drug rehab programs that will allow students to deal with their addiction while still being able to manage their education responsibly.

For years, students have struggled with being able to attend rehab while keeping good grades. Many of the rehab meetings and classes are scheduled during the same periods, so it makes it difficult for students to be able to maintain a strong GPA while being able to deal with their addiction problems. By being able to attend a college drug rehab program, it makes it easier for students to combine their responsibilities in both of these schedules and ensure that they will be able to handle all of their tasks for both without any pressure.

The success of college drug rehab programs may also be an indication that these programs need to continue to be spread throughout college campuses around the country. These programs provide an alternative to the traditional rehab programs and make it easier for students to get help when they need it the most. Many students who have addiction problems do not understand the need for rehab or do not realize that there are programs available to help them, so they never get involved. By having college drug rehab programs available, it ensures that more students will have an awareness of the options that are available for them.

It also provides an alternative to students who are struggling with drug rehab but don’t want to get their family involved. By going to a college drug rehab program, it enables students to be able to get the help they need while they are still enrolled in school. They don’t have to immediately deal with the stresses associated with telling their family about their addiction problem and trying to find a rehab program that will be willing to take them and fit into the schedule of a college semester or quarter.

The one difficulty with this issue, however, is that college drug rehab programs have other students that attend. For students who are more concerned about their reputation or having other students talk about their addiction, it may be difficult to get them involved in these programs at their own college or university. Some students prefer to go to programs that are off campus because it means there’s less of a chance of running into someone that they may know. For this reason, some students may prefer to go to non-college rehab programs because it will provide them with a level of anonymity on campus that they wouldn’t get to experience otherwise.


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