Will Rehab Help?
Oct 2013

One of the most common questions that many people have been known to ask regarding rehab is whether or not it works. They want to know if it will truly help them end their addiction or help their loved one to overcome the addiction as well. However, the truth is that these results vary greatly for everyone. What works well for someone may not work the best for everybody. People turn to addiction for various reasons, after all; there are many people who abuse drugs and alcohol because it provides them with an ‘escape’ from how they are emotionally feeling. Other people may abuse drugs and alcohol because it makes it easier to forget things that are happening to them on a regular basis, such as physical or sexual abuse. Because everyone’s reasons for drug and alcohol addiction vary, the treatments and the results that they receive vary also.

It’s important to understand the extent that rehab is able to help the individual who is dealing with addiction. Although it may be able to help them substantially, they are always going to have some personal issues with temptation and moments when they feel as if they should go back to whatever substance they are addicted to. Most people who used to be addicted to substances will tell you that every day is a challenge for them and that they realize that they have to make the choice to stay sober and prevent themselves from being in situations where they might abuse the use of substances. In this sense, you can’t expect your loved one to go a rehab program and then behave or feel as if they’ve never been addicted before. It won’t erase their feelings of addiction but it will teach them how to handle it.

Relapses are fairly normal. There are many people who have relapses and then go on to achieve a ‘full’ recovery from their addiction. The relapses often make them realize that abusing substances isn’t want they want to do with their lives and that it’s not as enjoyable as they might have remembered it to be. Often times, individuals who have relapsed will feel very ashamed and disappointed with themselves and will want to fight harder to achieve their victory over addiction. However, this doesn’t happen for everyone. People who have relapses still need to have serious help and should go back to their rehab program so that they can return to their structure and goals.

Ultimately, it is not possible to determine if rehab will work for everyone, although most people have positive response and are able to recover from their addiction. There is not a set period of time in which this may occur. Some people have to stay in and out of rehab programs for years in order to be able to conquer their addiction. However, there are many people who are able to go through a program once or twice and get the results that they were aiming for.


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