4 Reasons Why Keeping A Written Journal Helps Rehab
Oct 2013

Self Expression

People who have difficulty with sharing their thoughts or emotions with a group or with a therapist may find that having a written journal makes the experience easier. It can be very challenging to share these private feelings with someone who is stranger and even more difficult to share them when you are dealing with a group. For this reason, it may be easier to write down all of those feelings in a journal and then refer to it later. Writing in the journal may help you to explore your expression, which can be very helpful. Some people have never been asked about their opinions or their emotions before by another person, so it’s awkward for them to share their feelings. It may take some self exploration via a written journal in order to embrace this form of expression with a therapist or counselor.

Self Growth

As you progress through your rehab program, using a written journal can show you how much you have changed and how much you have progressed. You can look back at your earlier entries and all of your feelings that you wrote down within the journal. You will see how your thoughts and opinions about life have changed. You will also see how your feelings about addiction have changed as well. You can use your written journal as a source of inspiration when you see how much you have grown and matured as an individual. Do not be ashamed of anything that you have written in your journal, because it is just a reflection of who you used to be and how you are improving.


If you find that it’s difficult for you to articulate your thoughts while you are talking with your therapist, counselor, or the group therapy session, then it may be easier for you to articulate your thoughts in writing before the session. This can be very helpful even if you are great at articulating your feelings. This is because you may think about elements and emotions that you would like to share during therapy, but you forget to mention them when you are in the session. If you articulate them in a written journal, then it will make it easier for you to get all of those thoughts and emotions out and make it simpler for you to share them with your therapist or the group.


If you tend to be someone who forgets about things often, taking notes can be very useful. This is especially true when you are dealing with rehab. You are going to learn a lot of different concepts that are going to be crucial towards your success in overcoming your addiction. Therefore, using your journal as a reference can be helpful when you are struggling with addiction. You can check your journal to remind you of different things that you learned earlier in the program or even earlier that day.


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