How To Talk To Your Children About Going Into Rehab
Oct 2013

Rehab is a very important experience for anyone who is facing addiction. Although it is necessary in order to overcome an addiction, it can be very difficult to explain to loved ones. This is especially true when dealing with your children. For a child, it can be challenging to understand why parents are going into rehab. Children tend to take your actions very personally, especially when you are abusing substances because they do not understand that you are under the influence of the substance itself. They believe that any of the actions that you are taking against them are due to your own feelings about them, not realizing that your substance abuse can affect how you treat your loved ones.

As a result, it’s very important to explain the rehab process to your child and help them to understand the negative influence that substance abuse can have over someone. Even though you may not remember how you treated your children during your substance abuse, they will always remember it. Therefore, it’s important to apologize to them for your behavior, even if you don’t remember it. You should explain to them that how you behaved when you were under the influence of substances is completely different than how you will behave when you are sober. Try to remind them of times before your substance abuse when you were able to have fun with them without any concern of possible abuse. This may remind them of better memories that they have of you and may help them to regain their trust in you.

It’s important to explain to your children that you are going into rehab. A lot of people make the mistake of going into rehab without ever telling their children where they are going. As a result, the child believes that their parent has abandoned them and that they are not coming back. They may also believe that the reason that the parent is absent is because they have done something wrong and that their parent doesn’t love them anymore. In situations where both parents are absent, it can also be very challenging and particularly confusing if no one explains to the child where the parents have gone for that period of time.

If possible, you should make regular phone calls to your child while you are in rehab. This is an option that would be very good for both of you. This is because it would remind the child that you have not forgotten about them and that you still love them. For you, it will be a reminder that your child still loves you and that you will be able to see them again soon when you have had success with your program. It will also serve as some motivation to remind you that you have people outside of rehab who still love you and are depending on your return in the future.


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