How Yoga Can Save You From Addiction
Oct 2013

Yoga is an all-inclusive fitness option. It invokes your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical goals into one cohesive unit. Yoga studios are located across the world in every major city and recently in small towns as well. The concept of yoga may not seem like something that would help your addiction. However, yoga has helped many people overcome various addictions and move onto a healthier lifestyle. If you are looking for natural ways to overcome the desire to continue your addiction and ways to cope with the addiction desires, consider the following ways yoga can save you from your addiction.

A New Addiction

You may think it is strange for an article on overcoming addiction to talk about creating a new addiction. The truth is, one of the most popular rehab methods is to offer a healthier addiction. Replacing a bad addiction with a healthy addiction can be good for the soul and perfect for you if you have an addictive personality type. The new addiction will slowly take the place of the unhealthy addiction. Instead of cravings for a drink or drugs you will have cravings to mediate or use yoga. Your body will start to react to the absence of the practice and you will begin to feel a shift or desire to complete the yoga tasks rather than the addiction tasks.

A Mental Out

Yoga is as much mental as it is spiritual and physical. When you are dealing with an addiction, you need a mental out more than anything else. You need to be able to escape from the daily issues and problems that lead you to pick up a drink, use drugs, gamble, or submit to your addiction. Yoga is perfect for that mental out. In the practice of yoga you automatically tune out sounds and the world around you. You can create a mental escape point as your retreat. In essence you can escape from your day and find yourself refreshed and stress free.

A Physical Rebirth

Yoga provides you with a physical rebirth. No matter what your health is when you begin yoga, you will find your body improving over time. As the body changes positively, the mind begins to see the changes. These changes are what gives an addict something to be hopeful about and something to latch onto. They can see the benefits and benefits, good or bad, is what creates and addiction.

Now, this article was supposed to tell you about how yoga can save you from addiction, and it can. It can save you from a terrible addiction that could possibly kill you or destroy your life. It saves you by giving you an alternative addiction, a healthier addiction. This healthier addiction will addict your mind, body, spirit, and emotions to create a better you and stronger you. It will help to create an outlook that will give you hope and give you a healthier lifestyle. Yoga will also help you cope with the stressers in your life by offering an out.


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