Counseling Sessions During Rehab
Sep 2013

Getting involved with counseling sessions during rehab can be very beneficial to you. People who have been involved with counseling while they were in a rehab program have reported that they had an easier time transitioning into a sober life and that they felt more comfortable getting involved with the program. However, there are many people who do not always feel comfortable with getting involved with counseling and sharing their personal experiences or emotions with strangers at first. Here are some things to keep in mind when getting involved with counseling sessions during rehab.

Some people do not feel comfortable with discussing their emotions or past history with a counselor or a therapy group because they have never had anyone ask them this kind of personal information before. There are other people who don’t feel particularly comfortable with it because they have lived particularly private lives and they feel as if they can’t trust other people with their experiences or personal life because they don’t want to feel judged. Understanding the reasons why people don’t always want to open up can be important when dealing with counseling sessions; in the same regard, it’s important to remember, as the addicted individual, that when you are asked for this kind of information it’s because people are truly concerned about you and they want to help you through the program to the best of their ability.

Counseling sessions have been known to reveal a lot of difficult subject matter for people who are dealing with addiction. Some people become addicted to substances because they have dealt with difficult situations in their life, such as sexual abuse or physical abuse from a loved one or someone that they trusted. There are a lot of people who turn to abusing substances because they feel it’s the only way that they can escape from their problems or their depression. Everyone has their own reason for getting involved with addictive substances. It is not uncommon for some people to have a breakthrough in therapy while they are attending a rehab program.

In group counseling sessions, sometimes you can get the most help from interacting with other people in the group. Being able to work together with them to address personal issues and realize what leads towards addiction can be very helpful. Having that support from another person that you know understands you and can relate to what you have been through can be a powerful feeling for anyone who is involved in a rehab program. If you feel that you should say something encouraging to other people who are addicted in your rehab program, then why not try? You may find that they may also be willing to give you support when you need it the most as well. Ultimately, taking the time to get involved and interactive with the staff and other clients at counseling sessions in your rehab program can be the best way to ensure that you get the full benefit of the experience.


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