Preparing Your Home For Life After Rehab
Sep 2013

When you have finally completed your treatment and are ready to return home, there are some considerations that should be made about your household atmosphere. You will need to transform your home into a space that will be free of temptations. It should be a welcoming and relaxing environment for you to enjoy. You should remove anything that would remind you of your prior addiction. You should also remove anything that would encourage any potential for future addictions. There will be no need for alcohol or drugs within your home.

If you are someone who requires prescribed medication, you should take the time to ensure that you will be monitored during their usage. You can do this by encouraging family and friends to take an active role in your life after you have finished rehab. By this point, you have gained the skills and tools that are necessary for you to balance your mental, physical, and emotional life. You have the knowledge that there will be some disappointments and obstacles that you will encounter as you move forward. However, you also know that these obstacles won’t last forever.

Finding a new social life after your rehab program can be challenging. Many of the people who were in your social life before rehab were likely either addicts or those who would enable your addiction. These are people who you cannot have in your life anymore. You should avoid your drug and alcohol acquaintances so that you will be able to create and maintain professional and personal relationships that fit into a drug free life. You are going to need some type of support system for days when you are feeling more vulnerable. Support groups can be a great way to address this. Of course, when you are making new friends and getting to know new people, you may not feel comfortable in going out to a bar or a club to hang out with them like you used to with your previous friends due to the addiction and recovery process. Instead, having a temptation free household can be your safe are to ensure that you have a comfortable space where you and your new friends can enjoy time together without the risk of drugs or alcohol becoming a temptation to anyone.

Some people find it too difficult to be able to return to their sober life in a household where they have done a lot of drugs or abused alcohol. If this is the case for you, then you may want to consider moving somewhere else. Even if you have to stay with a family member or a friend for the first few months, it can be a great way to improve your relationships and ensure that you won’t be putting yourself at risk for relapses. Moving to another part of the neighborhood or just living in a different apartment can help you to feel as if you are working on a clean slate because there are no more memories of your previous addiction surrounding you when you get home.


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