The Importance of Rehab
Sep 2013

There are many people who question why going to rehab is a necessary process in order to fully acknowledge their addiction and work towards overcoming the problem. Although those who suffer from addiction commonly believe that they are able to handle the temptation and the struggle of the addiction on their own, it’s very difficult. This is especially true if no one else is aware of your addiction problem. It will be hard for you to keep yourself accountable and ensure that you stay away from people and locations where you would have easy access to your substance of choice.

Family members often think that perhaps rehab won’t be necessary because they like to believe that they would be able to prevent further addiction from happening in a loved one or that their ability to provide their own ‘intervention’ of sorts would be able to help their loved one who is struggling. However, this is not always possible. Sometimes those who are addicted only start to resent this type of attention and ‘help’ from loved ones because they view it as being intrusive, judgmental, or coming between them and the substance that they have turned to for help. Other times, it’s very risky for the loved ones involved because they may find that they start enabling the addict in their family or that their addicted loved one may become physical and violent when an unsupervised intervention is in progress. Since these individuals lack the professional training and other related skills that are common for those who work at rehab locations, they don’t know how to properly approach someone who is addicted to a substance.

Rehab is an important choice for anyone who is struggling with addiction. The program provides addicted individuals with the structure and information that they need in order to be able to understand their addiction. Individuals in rehab get to explore some of the underlying issues that have led them to start abusing drugs and other substances, providing them with a way to acknowledge other problems and get help for them. They gain the ability to recognize common situations and circumstances where they would be the most likely to abuse substances, allowing them to find methods of prevention to keep these incidents from turning into future substance abuse.

For some people, going to rehab is the ideal choice because it provides them with an outlet to talk about their problems and their concerns. This is especially important for individuals who may not have supportive family members or friends that they can turn to regarding their addiction. Other times, those who are addicted to substances may not feel comfortable with talking to a loved one about their addiction because they don’t want to feel judged or feel as if their loved one is going to be disappointed in their decisions. Rehab provides counseling and group sessions that allow for these individuals to be able to share their feelings and concerns within an open environment.


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