Relapsing After Rehab
Sep 2013

People are at the risk for rehab the most during the first few months after their program has finished. The initial weeks can be dangerous because you are still transitioning back to your old life and trying to figure out where you fit in to everything now that you’re not abusing substances anymore. Once you have become established in your recovery, the risk of relapse declines, but it never completely disappears. Making it through your program only to experience a relapse is very upsetting, both for you and your loved ones. However, it’s a good idea to acknowledge that it is a possibility and that it can happen.

There’s no guarantee that there will be another chance of recovery. Some people find it more difficult to have the motivation to quit their use again after it has started. A lot of the reason behind this is that by this point, the individual is very embarrassed and ashamed that they have relapsed and so they turn to more drugs and alcohol to try to escape those feelings. They don’t want to go back to their program because they feel like they will be judged or that someone will tell them that they are a failure. However, it doesn’t happen like that. Most people will welcome you back if you have a relapse. They will address the fact that you relapsed, but they will look at it from a learning perspective. They want to provide you with the knowledge that you can overcome this situation and that they need to address other elements that may have led to your relapse.

For some people, a relapse is more like a death sentence. It depends on how willing the person is to work towards getting back into the role that they achieved when they were in their program. A lot of people who relapse just give up on themselves and don’t try to go back to their program at all. Depending on the amount of addiction they have and the substances that they abuse, it may mean that they may not return to the program at all. Some may overdose. It’s unknown what the likelihood will be for each individual. Not every relapse is a death sentence. You have to be willing to work towards recovery and not give up.

People who are in rehab need to have a stronger understanding of how relapse occurs. People don’t just go back to alcohol or drugs randomly. It is a process that leads them to that point. They may be struggling with emotions or something unexpected may happen. They may be surrounded by temptation. By understanding the process of relapse, you can ensure that you will be able to take the right actions to help prevent it. Knowing about the relapse triggers will mean that they will know what behaviors they should look for in order to stop them before they make a mistake.


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