Rehab for Teens
Sep 2013

Substance abuse and addiction are a concern for many parents who have teenagers. There are almost endless reports on the news of drug abuse among teens. Sometimes the teens get their drugs while they are on campus at school; other times, they may receive drugs or alcohol when they are hanging out with their friends. As a result, parents are often concerned about what they can do to protect their teens from drugs and alcohol. However, what do you do when you know your teen is already addicted to these substances?

In many cases, the only option available is to get your teenager into a rehab program. Although many parents would like to handle this more personally and hope that it could be solved as simply as spending more time with their teenager or talking with them about the situation, it’s rarely that common. Rehab is one of the few ways that teens can get out of the harmful environment around their peers and their friends and start learning about what drug and substance abuse is really doing to their bodies. While rehab isn’t a requirement for teenagers in many states, it can be the deciding factor that helps to steer teens away from a harmful lifestyle.

Often times, when teens turn to drug abuse, it’s because they are dealing with aggression or other emotions that they’re not handling properly under the circumstances. Perhaps they’re more introverted and do not feel comfortable with sharing their emotions with their parents or loved ones; other times, even some of the most extroverted and popular teens can become addicted to drugs and alcohol because they see this as an ‘escape’ from the pressures that they’ve become accustomed to dealing with on a daily basis.

Rehab is ideal for teens because it takes them away from the harmful atmosphere of being around their friends and peers that may supply them with drugs or alcohol. In rehab, they can talk with a counselor about situations that have been bothering them and possibly learn about what makes them turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape from their emotions or concerns. They can turn to counseling groups where they can talk with other teens who are also struggling with addiction and learn what it’s like to share the same problems. It’s not uncommon for teens to turn to addiction because they feel as if they are dealing with their problems ‘alone’. A counselor can be a good source of information and encouragement to get away from drugs and substance abuse because the teen won’t view them as a figure of authority, such as a parent, but more like an equal who they can relate to. Some rehab clinics even have counselors and staff who are fairly young, such as those in their late twenties; so that the teens can relate to them more easily than if they were dealing with middle aged adults.


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