New Addiction Recovery Group Available in Calvert
Aug 2013

County residents who are seeking sobriety from a drug addiction can now find more support through a new recovery group that is available in Calvery. The Dawn of Recovery is a peer to peer support group for individuals ages 18 and up who are recovering from addiction or seeking sobriety from drugs and alcohol. The group meetings are led by a coach and founder every Monday. The coach also meets one and one with people of all ages throughout the week. The group was started last October after the group leader spoke up at a conference which was addressing addiction.

Group leader, Dawn Kaczorowski, shared her story. The first time she ever became involved with drugs was when she was 13 years old. She was in and out of different rehab centers and support groups until 2010 when she sold prescription pills to an undercover police officer. She said she was charged and sentenced to serve 60 days in jail. At that time, she asked to go to rehab and worked on completing a drug rehabilitation program nearby. Although she was able to complete the program, she said she never felt like she was connected with the counselors because they had never hit rock bottom like she had.

As a result, Kaczorowski said she believes having a counselor who has dealt with drug addiction themselves allows for people to be able to relate to them more. This helps them, in turn, to help people not to relapse. The director of the Calvery County Health Department Core Service Agency and a member of the Prescription Drug Abuse Abatement Council which hosted the forum in October said that the CSA is responsible for the mental health and substance abuse services in the county. It was a natural match for CSA and the council to work together with Kaczorowski to help create the recovery group.

The director claims that the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration is pushing a recovering oriented system of care and placing a greater emphasis on recovery services being available in jurisdictions. He said that actual substance abuse treatment in the county lasted for around six months but that the disease itself lasts forever. Some people need support with fighting the disease and some need more support than others do. The recovery group is a post treatment continuation of services for people who need assistance or those who want to help someone else they know that may be struggling.

People who are attending the meetings will have a more personal and interactive experience than what they would experience at other support groups. Instead of simply having to introduce themselves, state their problem, and sit back down, the group will allow for supportive discussion to take place so that everyone can learn from each other, build connections, and relate easier to each other. People will be able to give each other input on what they have been experiencing and dealing with and no one will be passing judgment on each other.


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