Using Meditation During Rehab
Aug 2013

As an addict, you naturally have concerns regarding the level of medication involved in your rehab. In some rehab centers, the first thing it seems they want to do is take away your drug or alcohol addiction and replace it with another medication. How does this help? There are medical reasons that this form of treatment helps and can help you cope with the various physical issues that your body succumbs to in the course of detox. The problem is, what happens after detox? What is the new medication going to do to your body and what have you replaced your current addiction with?

These questions are the very ones that lead you to research natural alternatives to your addiction and the natural or holistic path to drug rehab. You want to kick the habit, but not at the risk of being addicted to another medication and continuing the chain that may never end with no medication or drugs at all. Is meditation part of the answer? What can it do for you, and better yet, how do you implement it into your lifestyle.

Starting a Meditation Routine

The first stop to using meditation as a way to overcome your addiction is to find and setup a routine that works for you. There are hundreds of methods to meditation, and they do not all have to be cross legged on the floor. Consider the things that relax you. These can be movies, music, just sitting quietly, time in a hot bath, or straight meditation. The trick is to focus in on something that relaxes you and use that as your meditation. It does not have to be yoga mats and new age music to work. It just needs to be what works for you. Once you find it, then create a routine.

Use Meditation Properly

You want to make sure that your meditation routine does not center around the addiction. In other words, use meditation when you are stressed and when you are not. You want the meditation to work at all times, because if you stay calmed and centered it is less likely that you will fall into the patterns that cause your addiction to take hold.

Meditate in Group

Sometimes maintain a routine on your own can be difficult. This is especially true when you are going through something like rehab. Instead of going it alone, consider meeting up with others and meditating in group. This will give you someone else to work with and it will give you a partner who is going through the same issues you are.

Meditation is not the only thing that can help you cope or make it through addiction rehab. It is, however, one of the coping mechanisms you can use during rehab and into your regular daily life. When you combine meditation with other healthy addictions, you will find walking away from the unhealthy addictions and staying away from those addictions will be easier. It does take time, but with the right skill set you can achieve your rehab goals.


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