Heroin Most Common Drug For Young Adults in Washington
Aug 2013

A recent study seems to suggest that heroin use has gone up significantly in Washington state among the youth. Although it is not known how the youth are getting access to the drug itself, there are many young users who are having a serious addiction problem and finding themselves in rehab centers. Unfortunately, this is not the case for many of the young addicts. Some of them find themselves out on the streets and homeless because they were not able to end their drug abuse when their parents found out; when the parents were not able to have success with interventions and couldn't get the youth to go to treatment facilities, they were sent off to other relatives or locations to live. Another common alternative is that the youth become so addicted to these drugs, they end up running away from home because they don't want to deal with having a parent tell them to go to rehab or trying to educate them about the harm of drug use.

It has been said that high school dropouts who have more time on their hands are more likely to have addiction problems with drugs and alcohol. Often times, substance abuse is one of the ways that they get involved with other activities which may not be the best option for them. Unfortunately, although they are usually too young to understand it, these dropouts suffer some serious consequences throughout their lives based on their choices to drop out of high school and pursue substance abuse instead of anything else. A report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration suggests that youth that are in the 12th grade age range are using illicit drugs at a higher rate than those who are in school. This age group also has a higher level of smokers than those in school. When adolescents don't have structure or any guidance in their lives, they are more likely to lose focus and fall into trouble.

Although it's sad to realize, it is a common occurrence for drugs to be used among youths. One young girl admitted that she used to pay for her drugs with her babysitting money that she earned in her spare time. She would get high on the high school campus. Her claim was that just five dollars would be able to keep her high on heroin throughout the day. Everyone was involved; whether it was friends or even just the "good" kids that were considered to be the top in the class, they were all using drugs, which made the girl feel as if she needed to get involved in order to fit in with everyone else. This is typically how it works within most school systems within the state; once one youth is able to do drugs, get access to the drugs, and start providing them to other youths in the school, the problem just continues to spread until the majority of the kids are affected.


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