Types of Drug Rehab Programs
Aug 2013

If you or someone you know has been suffering from abuse or addiction to drugs, you’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from addiction to drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth, marijuana, and even prescription or “club” drugs. No matter where you are in your struggle, there is help available from a drug rehab facility. Facilities offering rehab programs will typically offer a variety of programs, such as the ones outlined below.

Residential Treatment

The first type of drug rehab program often available is called residential treatment. This is also known as inpatient treatment. What residential treatment offers you is the ability to remain in the drug rehab facility until you are finished with the treatment program. If you feel like being out in society while trying to become clean and sober is too difficult for you, find a rehab centering offering this type of drug rehab program. Because you are living in the facility for 30 days, being monitored, and receiving around-the-clock care, this is naturally a more expensive option.

Outpatient Treatment

Because residential treatment is more expensive, you have another option. If you are someone who recognizes your addiction to drugs and has a strong desire to get sober, this may be a viable option for you. Keep in mind it does have its drawbacks, because you may be around the triggers or temptations that led you to your drug addiction in the first place. With outpatient treatment, you can continue your daily life as you normally would, and find a solid support system at home. They also provide you with different resources, like support groups nearby your home or school. You are also required to check in to the facility at least once a day.

Other Types of Programs

You also may have access to additional types of rehab programs, though residential and outpatient are the two most common types. Some rehab facilities will also offer dual-diagnosis recovery programs, religious programs, and holistic programs. If you are someone who prefers natural health alternatives, you should start by looking for a drug rehab center that offers holistic programs. Instead of western medicine for the detox period, for example, they will offer you natural health alternatives. Dual-diagnosis programs are for those who have other afflictions like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder. These are all very common among people who are suffering from drug abuse or addiction, therefore it makes sense to combine the two treatments. Your mental disorder will be treated while you are getting your rehab recovery.

These different types of drug rehab programs are the most important and common, and available at most rehab facilities. Contact the different facilities you are considering before making your final decision. It helps to know exactly what rehab programs they have to offer so that you can effectively get treatment.


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