Internet Addiction
Jul 2013

A common form of addiction that many people are not aware of is found in the addiction to the internet. Many people use the Internet to help them escape from unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings like depression, stress, anxiety, loneliness, and other emotions. When they have a bad day and are looking for a non-confrontational way to deal with their problems, they may turn to the internet to help them relieve their stress. In the same sense, even when someone is having a good day, they’re likely to be using the internet because they want to play games, chat with someone online, watch videos, or any other range of activities.

An internet addiction may reveal itself in many different ways. During the 90s, internet addictions were more commonly found among teenagers because the internet and its technology was just starting to become more prominent back then. Since then, technology has only continued to change and evolve, so there are now many different ways that people can become addicted to the internet. Some people become addicted to chat rooms and webcam chat sites. This is particularly common in those who are suffering from internet addictions that are based in sexual addiction genres. Some people find themselves addicted to online gambling and other related sites. There’s no limit to the types of addiction available online - many of them vary based on the individuals interests.

There are always a few obvious suggestions that might reveal that someone has an internet addiction. Clearly, you might notice that the person is always online. Sometimes they may become upset or aggressive if they can’t have access to the internet. This can be seen in teenagers who start crying or getting upset because their parents have said that they can’t have any more access to the internet for certain reasons - it’s usually a sign that there is something wrong. Individuals who claim that they have to check their Facebook or Twitter every few minutes may also suffer an addiction, especially those who have to log in and check while at work or something that should otherwise be an offline activity. If the person has problems getting away from the internet, then they are clearly suffering from a form of addiction, whether it is moderate or severe.

Obviously, there is a large challenge with dealing with an internet addiction because the internet and its media is almost always present. Someone who is experiencing this type of addiction would need to get away from the use of smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices that offer internet access for a while. Getting into a rehab group can be very helpful because it can provide the individual with the support that they need to help get them away from the internet. It may also be helpful for individuals who feel as if they ‘only have friends online’ because it will remind them that there are people available offline that they can talk to about their concerns.


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