Overcoming Your Addiction OTC Medications
Jul 2013

OTC medications, also known as over the counter medications, are a common addiction. They are easy to get a hold of, easy to take, and even easier to become addicted to. In fact, a vast majority of people are addicted to medications such as sleeping pills, cold medicines, and headache pills. The reasons the patient may have started taking these medications is innocent enough, however over time their bodies may have become addicted. How do you deal with an addiction to OTC medication?

Quitting Cold Turkey

This is a method that sometimes works, but is easily left behind. It is, however, worth mentioning. If you have not been on the medication long, quitting cold turkey may work for you. Remember, choosing this method does have its fair share of side effects. For example, if you take sleeping medications, you may have a few nights of little to no sleep. Eventually, your sleep patterns will even back out, but you do need to be prepared for those restless nights. If you have been taking pain medication OTC you may find that the pain feels worse when you go off the meds. Allow a few days to let the medicine work out of your system. If you still feel pain, contact a doctor.

Find a Natural Alternative

For nearly every OTC medication on the market, there is a natural alternative. If you are addicted to OTC sleeping pills, then try melatonin or brands such as MidNite. These are all natural alternatives and do not carry the same negative side effects as their OTC counterpart. You can find the natural forms of many medications in the pharmacy section of your local store or market. If you have an organic food store or Whole Foods near you, you will be able to find the natural options there as well. Though you may still become addicted to this options, they are far less negative than the OTC counterpart.

Seek Professional Assistance

Many doctors view OTC medication addiction the same as a drug addiction. It is a chemical that is in your system and alters your system in some way. This means that the doctor may treat you in the same manner as if you were addicted to a narcotic. Do not let this discourage you. This is sometimes the best way to overcome an OTC addiction, especially if you have tried other alternatives.

Locate the Source of the Problem

Try to figure out what caused you to use the OTC medication in the first place. If you are still having the same issues, then you should seek a professionals help. If you are having different issues combined with the original issue, then you definitely need to seek a doctors assistance.

Remember, if you seek a doctors assistance they may suggest rehab of some kind. If this is suggested, it is up to you to go or not, however it may be your best bet for the hopes of kicking the OTC medication addiction completely and moving on with your lifestyle.


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