Are You Addicted to Being Addicted
Jul 2013

There seemingly isn’t a person on the planet who has not seen the in and out of rehab stylings of Lindsey Lohan and other celebrities. It seems like each week there is another entrance into rehab, exit out of rehab, or early dismissal from rehab. This brings up many questions for people about the addictions and what is really going on in the rehab facilities. If you are an addict, it may bring up questions about the truth behind rehab and if rehab can really help you. If you are having issues with rehab or have tried rehab and had it fail you, then there may be a question you are avoiding. Are you addicted to being addicted?

The Addiction Cycle

An addicted generally has an addictive personality. This means they are easily addicted to anything. They could take a sleeping pill several nights in a row and become addicted. They could play a few rounds on the slot machines, win, and become addictive. There are various forms and various levels. There are also various reasons for the addictions. The cycle, however, is based on this addiction. It’s the need to have something to fall back on, to fix things, to make things better. It isn’t so much the addiction in some cases as it is the feeling the addiction brings.

Coping Properly

Is your addiction based on the feeling it brings? If you found that same feeling from a different source, would you move to that source? Would you let that source replace your current addiction that fills the urges and needs you have? If you answered yes to these questions then you may be addicted to addiction rather than to a particular addiction like gambling, drugs, or alcohol. If this is the case, then you need to learn to cope with your issues properly. Coping skills, such as finding different ways to deal with stress, are necessary in overcoming addiction as a whole.

Incorporating Therapy

If you are in fact addicted to the feelings, you need to find a way to incorporate various therapies to overcome the feelings themselves. Your best bet is to figure out what your triggers are. If stress triggers the need drink or use drugs, then finding various options to deal with stress is vital. Instead of one replacement, you need several replacements. Books, music, exercise, and other replacements is best. This prevents creating an addiction to any one thing. It offers variety instead of just a quick fix to urges.

Have an addiction to addiction is nothing to be ashamed of. There are many therapies and groups that can help. If you think this maybe your problem or the source of your problem, then seek a rehab therapist. Certain rehab programs can deal with the issue you are having. They are there to help you cope and deal with urges in a way that allows you to be completely free of your addictions and able to lead a normal and happy healthy lifestyle.


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