O'Callaghan Calls For More Money For Prison Drug Rehab
Jun 2013

Police commissioner Karl O'Callaghan is calling for money to be invested into drug rehab in prisons and early intervention to break through the crime cycle. He said that he found during his professional and personal experiences with his son, who was imprisoned for drug manufacturing, that more proactive measures need to be taken in order to reduce the issue of these types of crimes occurring. He claims that people who go to jail have much less to access for therapeutic services on the outside and that makes it a risk when people are coming up for parole.

O'Callaghan says that intervention in prison is a vital element for breaking offending and drug habits. If there is not enough rehab services in the prison system and an inmate is released, they know where to access the drugs and they will go back to the same circles that had gotten them into jail in the first place. As a result, it's very important to bring more rehab into the jails because it's the only way to help prevent more crime and drug abuse from occurring as time progresses; it's also the ideal way to prevent the occurrence of repeat offenders. There are many who feel that jail is a revolving door because there are offenders who continue to come in and out of the jail system because they never receive the rehabilitation that they need in order to reform their problems, therefore leading them to keep getting involved with crime in the area.

He cites that if even half of the drug issues could be solved within the communities, it would help to take care of so many of the problems that continue to happen on a daily basis. He also referenced that more needed to be done with children and young people to help prevent the drug cycle from ever starting with them. There are many who believe that children and young people are more likely to get involved with drugs if they feel that their parents and their community are not actively interested in what they are doing with their lives.

The commissioner also mentioned that about 70 percent of property offenders and people who break into houses generally exchange their stolen items for access to more drugs and alcohol. If the drug usage was able to be rehabilitated while the individuals were in jail, it would make the community safer because the offenders would be less likely to return to breaking into houses to steal items for drugs. If it were possible to prevent this before people even made their first offense, then the community would have far less concerns about their safety and drug usage would go down more noticeably. However, it requires a large amount of community outreach, getting potential addicts interested in options that are available towards helping them, and also helping existing addicts by providing them with long term programs that have been proven to provide the results that the commissioner and the community are seeking.


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