What is Detox?
Jun 2013

Detoxification is the process that allows the body to rid itself of the drug while working towards managing the symptoms of the withdrawals. It is one of the first steps in getting involved with a drug treatment program. It has to be followed by treatment with a form of medication or behavioral based therapy, if it is available. Detox on its own is not treatment and is generally not successful. Although there are a lot of rehab centers that provide detox services in house, there are many which require that their clients should get detox before they enroll in the program.

One of the most common mistakes that some individuals have made is trying to handle the detox process on their own. Generally, this is unsuccessful and results in a relapse eventually. The other issue is that it can be very dangerous for the individual because they have no way of knowing when the withdrawal symptoms are going to occur or what they may include. It's important to understand that withdrawal symptoms happen differently for everyone and that they are not always the same. Different drugs and substances will produce different forms of withdrawal symptoms. If the individual has any type of medical history of health conditions, they may experience complications from those health problems, which is another reason that withdrawals can be a concern.

Although one might wonder why anyone would want to try to handle detox and withdrawal symptoms on their own, it's fairly common. Because individuals become so addicted to substances, they don't often have a firm grasp on the understanding of just how serious and difficult their addiction may be, so they assume they can handle it on their own. When they do, they discover that their cravings for the substances are too strong and they end up returning to the drugs they were abusing or they determine that the withdrawal symptoms are too difficult to deal with on their own -- especially if they are experiencing health complications.

Generally speaking, there are many detox programs to choose from, but they all provide the same services. Some rehab programs have their own detox programs included, which can be a good idea if the individual wants to work on handling everything at once with the same program or facility. However, there are generally separate detox programs that the individual needs to participate in before they can even get involved with a rehab program. If the individual doesn't know if any detox programs in the area, the rehab program usually has a list of places that they can refer the client to in order to ensure that they are going to a reliable location for treatment. For someone who has health problems, getting a referral from a doctor may be a better option because they can direct the individual to a facility that works specifically with people who have that condition; alternatively, they may direct them to a facility where there are more medical staff available in case anyone experiences complications with their withdrawal experience.


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