About Outpatient Rehab Programs

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse or addiction, now is the time to get help. You have your options, and don’t need to be admitted to a treatment facility in order to get the help you need. A popular choice for rehab which includes a little more freedom, is outpatient rehab programs. You should consider this if the only thing keeping you from getting help is not wanting residential treatment.

What Are Outpatient Rehab Programs?

Outpatient rehab offers dozens of resources to help you get sober and stay sober, without requiring you be admitted to a rehab center. When people think of rehab, they often envision being admitted and staying in this clinic or home until their 30 days are up. But that is only the case for inpatient, or residential, rehab. There is also outpatient rehab which is available for those who need to be at home and depend on their family support system, but still get help from a qualified rehab clinic for recovering and avoiding relapse. It is a nice option for many who can commit to the program.

Outpatient VS Inpatient

The main difference between outpatient and inpatient rehab programs is the fact that with outpatient, you have more freedom and flexibility. This can be a pro or con depending on your abilities, and how long you have been dealing with substance abuse or addiction. It is not uncommon for people to relapse with outpatient rehab programs, so it is typically only for those who have more control over their addiction, or need to be on their own for one reason or another.

Benefits of Outpatient Programs

While for some it can be more difficult, there are a variety of benefits to choosing outpatient rehab programs. There are endless resources available, so any time you need help from a qualified drug counselor, you have it. They also set requirements on you, such as checking in with your counselor daily, and attending support groups on a regular basis. This keeps you on track with your treatment program, while still benefiting from going to work, to school, or being with your family.

What is Included With Outpatient Rehab

When you go to outpatient drug rehab, you have a number of resources available. This includes the initial evaluation, advocacy if you need legal help, educational groups on the dangers of drugs and alcohol, group counseling, family therapy sessions, discharge planning and relapse prevention, family education groups, individual counseling and treatment planning, and introducing to self-help groups like 12-step recovery. Drug screens are required to be sure you are staying with the program and you get lifetime aftercare with most rehab centers offering outpatient programs.

Getting help is the most important thing, regardless of the type of rehab program you choose. Find out if facilities near you offer outpatient rehab programs.

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